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The medieval, golden-stone city of Mdina traces its origins to the Phoenicians when around 1000 BC they fortified their hilltop settlement. The Romans in turn built a town here. It was in the 9th century, when the Arabs arrived, that the town received its present name signifying: “the walled city”. Mdina features medieval mansions that were favoured by the aristocracy and the nobility. With the coming of the Knights of St. John  the focus however shifted to Valletta and Mdina gradually receded into the background.

Mdina, located in western Malta, is an ideal setting for a leisurely stroll; taking in the beautiful architecture; the views of the surrounding countryside; and a glimpse into the lives of the rich. Palazzo Falson, the former home of the philanthropist Olof Gollcher, is open to the public and offers a peek into the luxury behind the golden, medieval walls.IMG_0912IMG_0918IMG_0922IMG_0928IMG_0934IMG_0938IMG_0946IMG_0952

Up next: Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha, and Ramla Bay.


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