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It is little surprise that Sopron fills the average Magyar heart with a sense of pride; the city opted to remain in Hungary during a referendum in 1921, and is a stunning beauty: cobbled streets, quaint courtyards, Roman ruins, Baroque architecture, and single storey houses. « Read the rest of this entry »


The Beautiful and the Damned

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A not uncommon occurrence on the streets of Budapest: a well-dressed local heading off somewhere, swiping across the screen of his latest smartphone whilst a less fortunate citizen fishes through a garbage can for any scraps of food. This contrasting, and frankly despairing, image mirrors and serves as an indicator for the state of the nation as a whole. « Read the rest of this entry »

Hemingway and the fair sex

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Ah, good ol’ Ernest! What’s not to like about him? The novels with their themes of masculinity, perseverance, commitment, and war. But there are some who take issue with him. See, to them Hemingway with his philandering, his boozing, and his writing represents an outlook and a time period that they despise; that they associate with male chauvinism, oppression of, and condescension towards women. And in Hemingway they’ve found an easy target. To many his female characters are but pretty dolls waiting with their legs wide open. I have always been critical of such accusations: Hemingway’s reputation as a misogynist is undeserved. « Read the rest of this entry »

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