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Thought I’d do a review of the books that I bought from just to help those of you planning on buying from them. Since I only ordered second-hand books I’ll stick to reviewing them and not the selection of new books that they also offer.

Apart from the UK they charge a flat €4.21 for shipping. Reasonable if you’re paying €3 – €4 for a second-hand book and you order several books. Order was dispatched on the next working day and arrived within the estimated time period. They do package them in these black plastic bags. Might be better if they use the cardboard packaging used by other retailers.

Second hand books go for about €3 – €4. Now I’ve bought books from charity shops (Oxfam, Cancer Research UK) and they go for about the same price. With my order from Awesomebooks there were 1 or 2 that could have been priced a little lower.

Book conditions

Complete Order Stamboul Train Once There Was a WarThe End of the Affair Regime Change

The Fear Love, Poverty & War The Master and Margarita No One Left To Lie To

Once There Was a War and Stamboul Train should have been marked down due to the heavy creases on the spines, creases on the front cover, the frayed corners, and a slightly torn page in the former. I would regard them as being in satisfactory/acceptable condition. Regime Change, The End of the Affair, Love, Poverty & War, and No One Left to Lie To were all in good condition. The Fear has slightly frayed edges on the dust jacket, but in good condition otherwise. I was thrilled to find that it’s been signed by Godwin. The Master and Margarita is in pristine condition, even the dust jacket looks untouched. Some of the books may have stickers on the back but that doesn’t bother me. No stains. Binding on all still intact.

Customer Service
Have not had to deal with customer service, but I have heard majority of people saying that they reply swiftly and that they refund your money if you’re unsatisfied.

Speedy delivery.
Good overall condition of books.
Reasonable prices.

Better packaging?
If they could sort books into poor/satisfactory/acceptable/good and price them accordingly, that would be a lot better.


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